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POV CUCKOLD 51 (4-27-17)

Item SKU: ROM285
Release Date: 4/27/2017
Manufacturer: ROMAN VIDEO
Director: Romulus
UPC: 000000004756

Your hot stepdaughter, Whitney Wright, finds out that you've been watching POV Cuckold videos from Roman Video and now she plans to turn you into her cuckold bitch. You walk in on her as she's masturbating to your cuckold video. She wants to do the same thing to you that she's seen in the videos and starts sucking your cock and teasing you. The pleasure turns to agony when she threatens to tell her mom if you don't do everything she says. Including sucking cum out of her and bending over for her strap-on! Then she locks you in chastity and goes out on a date. She returns with her pussy filled with her boyfriend's thick cum and orders you to suck it all out of her or face the consequences. You watch her fuck her boyfriend and his bigger, better cock. He shoots three massive loads and you're coerced to slurp them out of her. She sits on your face to make sure you get it all, and you make her cum. Eventually, she releases you from chastity and gets you to make her cum again in 69. She sucks and manhandles your cock, slapping your hands away when you try to touch it. Telling you "This is MY cock! Only I get to touch it now!" Finally she lets you fuck her 'til you explode.

Johnny | Whitney Wright
POV CUCKOLD 51 (4-27-17) Medium Front

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POV CUCKOLD 51 (4-27-17) Medium Front POV CUCKOLD 51 (4-27-17) Medium Back