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2002 A TRAMPLE ODYSSEY (04-16-15)

Item SKU: ROM130
Release Date: 4/16/2015
Manufacturer: ROMAN VIDEO
UPC: 000000002264

Gorgeous Mistress Cory Lane and Tori Sinclair trample their slave by using him as their human carpet and floor mat! Watch them trample (in heels and barefoot) their slaves until the slave begs for release. Cory Lane looks absolutely stunning in this video and incredible camera angles put you in the movie as you look up at her from the slave's perspective, as she slides her foot across the camera! Tori Sinclair applies makeup in the bathroom while standing on her slave and then stands on him while getting dressed to go out for the night! Incredible pony boy scene at the end will make your blood boil.

Bubba | Tori Sinclair | Cory Lane
2002 A TRAMPLE ODYSSEY (04-16-15) Medium Front

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2002 A TRAMPLE ODYSSEY (04-16-15) Medium Front 2002 A TRAMPLE ODYSSEY (04-16-15) Medium Back